Virtual Reality Arcade


The Best Virtual Reality

No really, we care about this stuff.

Mind-blowing Experiences

We procure only the best VR has to offer, ranging from education to friendly shooters to family mini-games. You know when you step into VRKADE - you get the best.

Hands-on Customer Service

VRKADE isn't a rental service, its a fully attended and guided VR experience. Our techs are always watching your screen to help you out along the way.

Tons of Experiences

We have a large selection of high quality experiences from a wide variety of categories. We're proud to offer only the best to our customers.


No one goes on vacation or long trips alone. VR is very similar, and we encourage our customers to come in with small or large groups for maximum fun.

Safe Exploration

Paying attention to details is our specialty. You might notice things like curtains for the VR boundaries, and a carpet centered in the middle of the play space, 1 ft smaller than the full area. This is all done to keep you safe and aware of where you are while you're in VR.

Modern Design

We spend a lot of time designing and choosing the layout of each store. We hope you enjoy the modern and subtle look and feel of VRKADE.

We're Clean

VR headsets should be clean, sanitary, and most of all safe. We thoroughly clean each headset in between each use.

We Make It Right

If you didn't have fun at VRKADE, please tell us. Sometimes mistakes happen and we will always do our best to make it right, every time.

Local is Best

We always support surrounding local businesses in any way we can. If you have any ideas on how we can partner with a local business, please let us know at

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