VRKADE is pleased to announce that we are now receiving applications for potential franchises. We want to share our corporate values with people of all regions on a daily basis. Our goal, as franchisor, is to offer “The Best Virtual Reality. For everyone” in terms of concept, service, products, franchisees, employees, customers, business partners, and profitability. If you love Virtual Reality and people, a key business opportunity awaits you. For more information, please contact Tyler Hogue, VP Business Development.
If you would like to proceed faster through our process, please complete our franchise application and send it to franchise@vrkade.com

Franchise Application



VRKADE will provide specifications on all aspects of initial store construction. We have developed a system for deploying new locations to expedite the build-out process. Deployment specifications include VR technology, store layout, computer hardware, point-of-sale services, state-of-the-art VR monitoring, commercial licensing, etc.



At VRKADE, we believe that culture comes first. As such, we have developed an online video training platform for staff and managers. These videos contain training for all aspects of operating and managing a VRKADE, as well as promoting a healthy and vibrate store culture.



We are utilizing various modern social media marketing techniques to advertise VRKADE locations to their surrounding communities. Our current marketing strategy has enabled our existing locations to reach utilization rates (hours sold/hours available) of 40% +.